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Hunters vs. PETA – Hunters Contribute More

It is said that truth is treason in the empire of lies. The recent uproar over the hunting of Cecil the lion proves that the animal kingdom, or empire,  is no exception.  While the media portrays hunters as blood thirsty

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Illegal Gun Registrations in Florida

Florida law, specifically F.S.§790.335, prohibits any state governmental agency or local government, special district, or other political subdivision or official, agent, or employee of such state or other governmental entity or any other person, public or private, from knowingly and

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Relief from Firearms Disability in Marchman Act Case

The Marchman Act is Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act which is intended to get treatment for those who are suffering from an addiction. Going to treatment under the Marchman Act can be voluntary or involuntary, but just like the Baker

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Supreme Court Fails on 2A

The US Supreme Court failed to hear an appeal on Second Amendment rights, further emphasizing why citizens cannot rely on the courts or the government to protect our rights and liberties. This is the reason for the Ninth and Tenth

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SCOTUS Rules Felons Can Transfer Guns

In a victory for property rights over the gun regulators convicted felons can now sell or transfer their firearms. Yesterday, ruling 9-0, the US Supreme Court held that once a gun owner is convicted of a felony, his or her

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Win for Residents of Palm Beach County

As a result of a pro-gun lawsuit filed by Cord Byrd in Palm Beach County residents there will no longer have to pay a court filing fee in certain circumstances when their guns and property are seized by law enforcement

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Cord Byrd Defends Licensed Gun Retailer Against Brady Campaign Attack Lawsuit

The latest tactic employed by the Brady Campaign to deprive law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment Rights is to sue what they call “Bad Apple” gun dealers. Cord Byrd has teamed with Tampa attorney Noel Flasterstein to defend a

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Video of Citizen Who Knows His Constitutional Rights and Refuses to Permit Search of His Home Without a Warrant

The Fourth Amendment and the rest of the Constitution still matter. This citizen, armed with the knowledge of his Constitutional rights prevents a warrantless search of his home. If we are to preserve liberty and honor those who have paid

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ISIS and the Second Amendment

News outlets are reporting that Westerners, including Americans and Brits, have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Furthermore, security experts are warning that the jihadis with western passports can travel seamlessly back to America and the UK. One

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Civil Injunctions for Protection Against Repeat Violence and the Loss of Gun Rights

Civil injunctions for protection against repeat violence, commonly referred to as restraining orders, serve a valid purpose but in many instances are abused by parties seeking to gain an advantage in litigation or to seek revenge. A hearing is held,

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